SHIRF VS. Corona Virus

In the times when India is fighting the war against Corona Virus, it is the responsibility of the citizens of the nation to work with solidarity and maintain the hygienic conditions around us to not worsen the situation. Not just for a particular set of people, the responsibility very much stands true for the business owners who tend to deal with a number of customers on a daily basis and interact with them. One of the businesses with the highest level of interaction is the segment of retail showrooms.

SHIRF in Dehradun is committed to provide quality furniture and easy services to its customers and it seems to be true in case of the difficult condition the nation is going through. The store has maintained a good level of service and support to its customers that is helping it stay ahead of its competitors and still provide its customers with quality services. A huge number of people visit the showroom on a daily basis while a huge number of people order furniture from the showroom online. This makes it even more important for the brand to maintain high level of intact service because one mistake can do a lot of damage.

SHIRF understands the responsibility it carries with it and thus has taken a number of measures to keep up with the situation and deal with the outbreak wisely. The furniture is being delivered to the doorsteps of the customers with complete safety measures being undertaken. SHIRF has backed up its services with online support and great service.

SHIRF also at the same time urges its customers and all the citizens of India to maintain peace and keep supporting the nation while it is going through the crucial time. We thank you for supporting us and trusting our services. SHIRF promises to stay ahead in its services and provide the best possible services with the best safety and security standards.

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