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It’s been some time now that Dehradun has made a great jump in the growth and development across a number of verticals. Furniture & Décor in Dehradun is no different a vertical of great improvement shown by the city. A number of local brands, showrooms, and local outlets have been competing well with the established brands and have had themselves joined in the race to become a brand equipped with great tools and tactics of the modern and tech world.

SHIRF sounds great to the ears but probably would have been not if it was still Shree Indrraj Furniture. SHIRF in Dehradun is the name which is equipped with great online platform and exceptional digital services to support its customers. It was then when the owner of the Shree Lakshmi Furniture in Dehradun thought of the innovation to be put into the traditional business and keep up the game in the market where bigger players and established brands are eating up the market. SHIRF in Dehradun came up with a plan to become a brand in itself and accept digital tech as its support.

SHIRF brings in some of the best furniture pieces in Dehradun for the customers and have a self-sufficient delivery system of the furniture purchased through their outlets around the corners of the city Dehradun or even through their online platform at

SHIRF provides an exclusive range of furniture items in the category of furniture as well as home décor. With the use of latest technology and digital innovations, it has been serving its customers with ultimate satisfaction and happiness. The brand now supports its customers even after the sale for the service through online mediums of chat and call while offline mediums through its outlets around Dehradun. It is now regarded as one of the Best Furniture Marts Of Dehradun and is bringing in digitalisation and innovation in the vertical of furniture and household artefacts.

You can learn more about the brand SHIRF at

You can connect with them over their social media handles at

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